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Physical Interaction (PI03) –
Workshop on Real World User Interfaces

The workshop is held at the MobileHCI conference 2003 in Udine (Italy)

**** submission is closed - deadline was June 10, 2003 ****

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Mobility inevitably moves computing and interaction into real world. Exploiting the physicality of the environment as means for interaction brings opportunities but also creates new challenges.

 Physical user interfaces facilitate new ways of human-computer interaction. The real world becomes the user interface. Interaction occurs by manipulating the physical world. By moving interaction from the screen into the physicality of the real world the design space is extended allowing new and richer forms of interaction.

 The workshop is concerned with how physical user interfaces can replace, enhance, and complement traditional WIMP (Window, Icon, Menu, Pointer) based interaction.


Topics of interest:


Aims & Participants & Submission

The workshop seeks to bring together researchers, designer and practitioners from academia and industry who are concerned with creating physical user interfaces. The workshop will provide a venue to present novel research on physical user interfaces and to openly discuss ideas and problems on the topic. By bringing together different viewpoints, e.g. the design perspective, the technology, and the software side, a common understanding can emerge. The overall aim of the workshop is to foster a community on physical user interfaces particularly for the mobile user.

 The number of participants will be limited to 20 people to enable intensive discussions. Participants will be selected based on their submission. Two types of submissions are encouraged (see http://www.acm.org/sigs/pubs/proceed/template.html for a style template):

Please submit your contribution not later than June 10, 2003 by email to albrecht.schmidt@acm.org




How the workshop is organized:

The workshop is a one-day workshop held at the MobileHCI 2003 conference in Udine (Italy). The schedule will be announced after submissions have been reviewed. Participants for the workshop are selected based on their submissions. All workshop participants are required to register for the MobileHCI 2003 conference. The workshop proceedings will be available in paper at the MobileHCI 2003 conference and will be published online. Authors of outstanding research papers will be encouraged to submit an extended version of their papers to the special issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing on “Tangible Interface in Perspective” which has the deadline after the workshop (note that there will be a separate review process for the special issue).




Contact and further Information: